Constantin Bucuresteanu

I’m taking part in Walk for Autism 2022!
26th March to 2nd April

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My target 1000000 steps

Total 1,000,000 steps

My goal 1000000 steps

Additional +2

I decided to add an extra 3 days to my goal due to my bad health this month ,
Since I don't want to complicate things I chose these days before the 1st of February, when I didn't know, I wanted to do this challenge .
Thank you all for donating , cheering and support.

160 000 away

Feeling sick and a bit off 80 000 steps from my target feels a bit off but let's see if if i can 

Sickness ( update)

Day 14th , sickness is not good besides losing my voice sounding like im stepping on my balls every time , the pain of my neck in the night dosent allowe me to rest properly 

Feeling more and more exhausted didn't want to do this but hopefully antibiotics will help


Day 7th A sickness 😷 caught me and try to push me to bed , 🛌 didn't allowed it thinking of how many people with autistic spectrum cannot say what hurts cannot even understand their feelings or pains so I pushed true, i won't back down

True the pain

Feeling good about my tiredness each step closer to the main goal at almost 25% done we have done good progress 

I just feel rejuvenate when i see so many of my friends supporting and cheering. Thank you for your kind messages 

proud or my fiends

I am walking and smiling how much support i recived from you guys my first day finished with a 32k steps towards my 1 milion steps for 28 days I have did the math 🧮 just need to keep the numbers up 

I'm walking for...Order

I’ve stepped up to Walk for Autism to show how much I care about autism.

I’ll be challenging myself to walk 30,000(+) steps every day for 28 days while raising much needed funds to support autistic people in the UK and Ireland.

With your help,  support, cheering and spreading my message wide.

Thank you for helping me to spread autism acceptance and understanding

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Thank you to my Sponsors


Nathaniel And Michaela M

Keep up the good work


Elke And Harry

Best wishes from Elke and Harry


James Williamson


Miao He

Thank you for your patience and support! Good luck:)


Chris & Ada

Awesome challenge and a great cause. Go smash it, coach!


Japhary Kiki

One long journey is made by many steps, one at a time. Our best is yet to come.




Flora Pinne

Good luck Constantin :) !


Laura Mitchell


Steve And Lyla

Excellent work!


Marija T

Best of luck with the challenge, I know you can do it!


Constantin Bucuresteanu


Shirley Thompson


Anya Lindstrom Battle & Richard Treadwell



Well done!!


Constantin Bucuresteanu