What is Walk for Autism?

Walk for Autism is a virtual fundraising challenge to walk 10,000 steps every day for eight days. This year’s event is taking place from Friday 26 March to Friday 2 April 2021 (inclusive). We encourage anyone and everyone to sign up, get active and raise funds to support autism!

It's easy to get involved:

  • Click the 'Register' button above
  • Once you have completed your registration, personalise your fundraising page
  • Share your page with your family, friends and colleagues
  • Get Walking!

When will I recieve my Walk for Autism T-shirt?

Walk for Autism is a fundraising challenge.  So as soon as you receive a donation of £10 to your online fundraising page, we will send you a Walk for Autism T-shirt to say keep up the good work and thank you!  Pop your T-shirt on and take that all important T-shirt selfie and share it with friends and family and let's see how much money you can raise.  

Do I have to fundraise?

Every step counts.....and so does every penny.

It's important to fundraise no matter how big or small to help us provide the best possible opportunities for autistic people.  

Aim for at least £10 per day, so £80 in total.  You may raise less than that, but perhaps you can raise much more.  There's no minimum sponsorship required but every penny counts so please try your best.  

Start by making a personal donation to your page -  show everyone you share your page with how much you care and this will encourage them to support you.  

What do receive when I sign up?

  • You will recieve a confirmation text and email
  • Your Welcome Pack will be sent to you within a week or so of registering to take part
  • Your Welcome Pack contains The Essential Guide to Fundraising 
  • Your T-shirt will be sent out as soon as you recieve the first £10 donation to your page.  
  • It's a virtual event so keep in touch on social media @wewalkforautism and use #wewalkforautism
  • We'll keep in touch with a few texts and emails but don't worry, you'll love our inspiring words!  

Can I walk as a team?

This year we are suggesting that participants walk solo or with members of their own household.  However Walk for Autism is virtual and you can connect with Team members virtually when you walk.  So if you live in Exeter and your sister lives in Edinbugh you can still arrange your lunchtime walk virtually.  Please make sure you follow Government Guidelines on exercise.  

Do I have to walk from Friday 26 March to Friday 2 April?

We would like everyone taking part to do so during this week.  Friday 2 April is World Autism Awareness Day too so it's great timing.  However that said, this is a virutal event and you can choose to walk any time that suits you. You may wish to walk before the dates or after them.  But whatever you do, please tell us so we can cheer you all the way!   

How does the Covid 19 pandemic affect Walk for Autism?

There’s no set event or location for the Walk for Autism 10,000 steps challenge. That means you can walk anywhere, at any time, in any place – whatever takes your fancy.  You don't have to do all your steps at once.  Every single step you take during the day counts.....even the ones to the kitchen to put the kettle on.  Indoor, outdoor, on a treadmill, up the stairs, walking around the garden or your living room!

The Covid 19 pandemic has restricted everyone's lives and we should all keep up to date with the latest Government Guidelines in the UK and Ireland.  Most importantly stay safe.  

How do I count my steps?

It’s easy! 

Use your phone to count your steps or search 'free steps tracker' in your app store.  Alternatively both fitbit and strava connect to your fundraising page.

If these options don't suit you, give us a call and our Walking Buddies will send you a pedometer - we've only got a limited amount so it will be first-come-first-served and please note they can be temperamental.  We hope we have everything covered so whoever you are and wherever you are in the UK you can take part easily!  

How do I add an offline donation?

Let's face it, some people just prefer to deal with cash. If you recieve cash, of course you'll want to add the amount to your page, so the best thing to do is keep the money or bank it and make a personal donation of the same amount to your page. This means the total showing on the home page as 'raised so far' is accurate. If you are unable to do this, please contact us at hello@walkforautism.co.uk and we can add the offline donation for you from here, you just have to remember to send the money in!

Can I make payment in Euros?

Yes you can! So don't forget to send your page to all those long lost relatives on the continent! The payment default sign shows as £, no matter what currency, so don't worry about that, card payments are accepted from 171 countries, likewise with Paypal.