Walk at work

Did you know the average office worker only walks around 3,000 steps a day?

This is well under the recommended daily average of 10,000 steps.

It's even less now we're working from home!

Get together virtually and safely with your colleagues and sign up to Walk for Autism and take the first step towards a connected staff environment and better team wellbeing. Not only will you make a difference, you will also change the lives of autistic people – one step at a time.

Increased physical activity can reduce stress, absenteeism, lead to happier, healthier, more satisfied staff and improved productivity.

Walk for Autism is an easy, fun and rewarding way to boost staff activity levels, especially in these unusual times, encouraging and enjoying a more energetic workplace and meeting corporate social responsibility goals.  

Because it is a virtual event, you and your colleagues can set up a team (or teams) and fundraise together with a shared target, while still working from home. This means everyone can take part – no matter their location, lifestyle or schedule (so there can be no excuses!). 

All your colleagues from accross the UK and Ireland can take part in the same team.  It's virtual so anything is possible! 

It's really important to remember that the team is 'virtual'.  Everyone in your team can walk solo or with others as per the government guidelines. (Please do follow the current guidelines) 

You may find a 30 minute morning, lunchtime and evening walk does the trick if you are fast on your feet, or you can take on the 10,000 steps in one go if you fancy a bit more of a challenge.

Which department team will raise the most money? A bit of healthy competition never hurt anyone!

Could your employer 'match fund' your fundraising? See our 'HOW TO FUNDRAISE' page for our useful 'Employer Match Fundunding' document.

Benefits of taking part in Walk for Autism

Workplace Benefits

Easy and rewarding team building activity
Encourages staff to work together
Creates a fun environment
Promotes social connections
Happier and more motivated staff
Reduces stress
Increases productivity

Taking part in Walk for Autism shows how much your workplace cares about autism. 

Health Benefits

Improves health and wellbeing
Boosts energy
Aids relaxation and clears the mind
Improves confidence and mood
Helps manage weight
Provides a sense of achievement and satisfaction
Promotes healthier blood pressure
Builds stronger bones and muscles

Taking part in Walk for Autism is good for you, good for your workplace and good for autistic people!