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I’m taking part in Walk for Autism 2022!
26th March to 2nd April

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Meet Arie

Just as our boy reached 18 months of age the few words he held vanished and what replaced this was a constant hum ‘our little humbug’ His eye contact was no longer, and he became unresponsive to his name. 

#Autism was always a lingering thought but the confirmation from Arie’s Paediatrician brought a flood of  1,573,638 different emotions. 

For those who know Arie, he needs little introduction. His joyful stimming lights up any room and brings a smile to our family and friends faces,  each and every time!

For those who don’t know Arie, he always seems to manage to draw attention with his excited stomping and smiles! 

Unbeknown to Arie, most children his age long to play with him, we watch as they eagerly follow him around shouting his name , they are so intrigued by his ‘unique’ ways of ‘play’ and independence. 

Though life isn’t always so rosey, well if I’m honest at 2 and half years old it’s a quite frankly a nightmare! 80% of the time we battle with sensory overload and the most simplistic of tasks, such as moving away from the bright lights of a vending machine can take what seems like hours to avoid meltdowns. 

What’s difficult in these times is the overall lack of understanding of others around us ….coupled with the absence of practical support groups that allow autistic people and carers of young children to reach out to people in a similar boat! 

Even the kindest of people wanting to offer their help , using the ‘typical’ distraction techniques for toddlers have little understanding that this can actually makes the situation worse and ten times harder

To those people who judge , tut, shake their heads and murmur under their voices……#autism is beautiful yet sometimes ugly. Particularly to those who don’t understand it fully!  

I want to help others see the beauty of autistic boys, girls, men and women and to ensure our boy Arie ‘our humbug’ gets the best possible start to life in a world of  ‘a-typical’ 🌎 

Let’s start by taking ‘big steps for little feet’ 🦶 and #walkforautism together! 

I'm walking for our son

I’ve stepped up to Walk for Autism to help raise the awareness but most importantly in support of our son Arie who received an early diagnosis at 2 years old in 2021.

My mission is to help increase the awareness and to raise the profile of Autism so we can improve the understanding and increase early intervention and support from young children and adults alike. 

I’ll be challenging myself to walk 10,000 steps every day for 8 days while raising much needed funds to support autistic people in the UK and Ireland.

Help make my steps count and show your support by donating today!

Thank you for helping me to spread autism acceptance and understanding.

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Ian Robson

Well done princess great work to raise awareness u


Fiona Robson

Such a lovely thing to do... you will smash it sweetie xx


Shannon & Ryan

The most beautiful boy in the world🥰 Proud of you girly xxx


Simon Himsworth


The Higgins’ Xx

Our gorgeous nephew Arie , he’s taught us so much already! He’s very lucky to have incredible parents, so positive always. Love you all xxx


James Shephard

Good luck Laura, such a great cause!


Lauren Zarattini

Such a special little man! Always there to bright up any room!


Bruce, Julie, Robyn And Dan.

Great way to raise awareness. A wonderful little chap with a wonderful family ❤️



Arie is such a special little man. ❤️ Lots of love from Magda


Tracey Morgan

Beautiful message. So proud of you! Love my little Arie bum so much 💕 xx


Max Van Nieuwkerk

Really great cause, great work!


Pete Marnoch

Best of luck


Hayley Tacy

Good luck ☺️


Darren Morgan

Such beautiful words Laura, you made me cry About my beautiful handsome grandson Arie.xx


Jamie Fulton

All the best Laura!! Such a worthwhile and worthy cause


Connor Morgan



Sarah Layzell And James Parnell

Good luck Laura. You are doing a fabulous job at raising awareness around autism. Such special little people they deserve to be heard and understood ♥️ Your little boy looks adorable 🥰 xxx


Auntie Sue

Well done Darlin 💙


Rio Kenworthy

Love Rio and Jak 💙💙


Danny Hunnam


Ella & Harrison Pearson

You’re the most lovely family in the world and Arie is such an amazing boy. What a brilliant cause xxxx



Good luck Laura!


Kev & Rhianna


Emma Rose

Love you guys so much ❤️


Cartwright Sarah

You are amazing, Covid, Chickenpox and all xx


Charlotte Fowler


Shona Davis


Emma Thistleton

A great cause, good luck 💛


Deborah Macdonald

Amazing Laura!Such a beautiful family Xxx


Rachel Gallagher


Joanne Carter

Go laura. You can do it xxx



Beautiful Laura x


Ben Winfield


Lucy E (nursery)

Such a beautiful loving little boy Good luck on your walk laura 😊


Fawn Terry


Robyn Coles

Great thing to do for your little boy ❤️💙 go smash it xxx



Lovely way to raise awareness Laura! Smash it 😄


Paula Carter



Get it gurllll!


Maximus Wood

Well done xx so important to raise awareness



Well done Laura a great way to raise awareness! And lovely words, good luck! x