About autism

Autism is a spectrum condition which means that each person is affected differently and needs different levels of support.

People with a diagnosis of autism (including Asperger syndrome) usually experience some differences in social communication and social interaction, and sensory sensitivities. These differences impact on day to day lives; but everyone with a diagnosis of autism is different, with different strengths.

Key Facts:

  • The causes of autism are unknown, it’s likely that there are several factors that result in the varied spectrum of differences that we call autism
  • There may be some genetic links
  • It is more commonly diagnosed in men rather than women
  • It is a lifelong condition
  • Autistic people can continue to learn throughout their lives
  • Specialist, tailored support can help with some of the challenges that can be experienced as a person on the autism spectrum

We understand that people with autism may see, experience and understand the world around them in a different way to people without autism. We try to gain an understanding of each person, enabling us to know how we must change in order to communicate successfully and to provide the best support.

Five Point Star

We use our person-centred Five-Point framework which places each autistic person at the heart of their support and enables staff to think about how they must change their approach to best support each person.